Update on Book Three

As many of you know, last month, November, was National Writers month and a time that many authors, screenwriters, and other wordsmithing artists participate in NanoWrimo. The goal? To write 50,000 words by the end of the month.

This was my first year participating – and I hate to admit it, but I failed miserably. Out of 50,000 words, I barely managed a little over 13,000 in book four. The reason? I could go into a lengthy list of excuses. My kids. My husband. My health. The house. The holidays. But if I were to be honest with myself, it was pure procrastination.

“Let me just finish this project real quick. Ooooh, a new Netflix show. It’s only 40 min long. I can spare that. Maybe I should to eat first. The kids are playing too loud. As soon as I sit down to write they’ll start fighting anyway. Better not aggravate my creativity.”

All these excuses have really held me back.

BUT I have managed to finish book three of the Roanfire Saga… I think. There is something about the ending that isn’t sitting right with me. I’ve had two Alpha readers go over the manuscript. Both of them have said that it was really good, and the ending had a real heart-wrenching twist. I’m going to sit on it for a few more weeks to be sure that it is right. I’d rather make it right than rush it’s release.

Great news! I have finished the coverart! It is probably one of my favorite to date. But I’m not going to reveal the whole thing just yet.