COVID 19: 2 free books to get you through!

Life as we know it has been put on pause. Schools have closed, we are working from home, activities and sports have been canceled.

April is usually a time I look forward to, because my husband will take time off work for our birthdays. We ship the kids off to grandparents and do something special. In the past we’ve gone hiking and camping, or to dinner and a movie. One year we even went on a cruise!

All that has been put on hold. We will spend our birthdays this year at home, making history with the world. I feel for all the young people (and those young at heart) who are stuck at home. So many people are doing their part in helping the world get through the Covid-19 pandemic. Celebrities reading books to kids, businesses donating supplies and food, singing from balconies, young people shopping for the elderly, kids interacting with quarantined people through glass windows. It’s such an inspiring time.

My little contribution can’t compare, but I thought “Writing is my escape. Maybe my books will offer some escape for others.” So, THE PHOENIX HOST and THE LEVIATHAN PRINCE e-books will be free on Kindle, April 7th through the 11th, 2020.

The Phoenix Stone was enchanted for a queen, corrupted by greed, and inherited by a warrior.

Raised by a legendary swordsman, Keatep Brendagger is one of Roanfire’s most promising soldiers. Brave, loyal, and a bit headstrong, she is the practical choice to escort a noblewoman to the capitol of Roanfire for the prince’s coronation.

When a repeating nightmare infests her sleep, leaving her with bloody noses and fire burning in her bones, she loses focus. With her career as a soldier in jeopardy, the Leviathan Pirates attack her home, and she’s framed for murder.

Hunted, betrayed, and reviled by her own people, Kea comes face to face with the source of her nightmares – the Phoenix Stone. It is a curse far greater than she could have imagined, one that would leave the whole of Roanfire in ashes and her dead, if she does not find the courage to resist.

The Phoenix Host and The Leviathan Prince are the first two books in The Roanfire Saga, a Young Adult fantasy series meant for anyone 12 and up!

Stay home! Stay Safe! Stay healthy!

(P.S.: Those of you awaiting book three… GOOD NEWS! I’ve been getting a LOT of writing done! My editor will be going over the book very soon!)