About the Author

      Christine Miller was born in April 1984 in rural Berthoud, Colorado. As a child Christine enjoyed reading, especially old fairytale books filled with illustrations that her Omi brought from Germany.

      In 1991 her father moved the entire family to Germany. His goal was to show his children their heritage, as well as to finish his own schooling. At the tender age of 7, Christine was immediately placed in German schools. She still remembers the first thing a fellow classmate ever said to her. “Du blöde Kuh.” She went home and asked her mom what that meant. Stupid cow.

      In short, that sums up how school was for her. She hated it, and the kids hated her. They pulled her hair on the bus, threw snowballs filled with rocks at her in the winter, and apples from the apple tree near the bus stop in the autumn. She struggled with all things academic due to the language, and although she can speak German fluently, writing it is still very difficult. The one class Christine excelled at was art.

      Because of this, Christine found a safe place in her imagination.

     Through her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Christine made a wonderful, life-long friend. They shared the love of medieval fantasy, and even created a little club they called the Three Musketeers (which included Christine’s older sister).

      In 1998 Christine moved back to the U.S. with her family where she began High School. It was here where she discovered the library. She devoured all kinds of books and even attempted to write a few of her own. A year before graduation, Christine began to take writing more seriously. The dream of publishing her own book was beginning to blossom.

      Sadly, during this time, Christine began experiencing health issues. Migraines, allergies, and unexplained stomach pains. Again, sinking into her imagination became her escape.

      In July 2005 Christine married Matthew Miller. He was the one who convinced her to stop dawdling and put her writing out there. Rejection letters came in. Then a phone call arrived from a small publishing company who wanted to publish her first novel. In 2008, The Dragon Child was released. Soon after, many red flags began to surface, and although she held her first published novel in her hands, it wasn’t exactly what she’d envisioned. Turns out, she’d made an oops. She’d signed on with a vanity press. She was doing all the work.

      Voiding the contract, Christine decided to create what she envisioned and took publishing into her own hands. It was a long journey. Health problems continued, she worked full time to help get her hubby through school, 3 beautiful children came along, and they bought their first house. All the while Christine would stay up late into the night, writing and drawing and creating.

      In 2018 The Phoenix Host was published and well received. Book two, The Leviathan Prince was released in 2019. Book three and four, The Glacial Rogue and Roanfire Reborn were released after the pandemic in 2022 and 2023.

     Christine is looking forward to writing more, making more connections, and learning more about the ever-changing world of publishing.