About the Author

C.K. Miller is a YA Fantasy author who can never get enough hot cocoa.

Much of her inspiration comes from her childhood years of playing in castle ruins, dense woods, and sloping vineyards of Bavaria, Germany.

After seven years of living in a bilingual household, and attending the local German schools, her family moved back to the U.S.A. It was a confusing time for a girl of fourteen just starting American High School. She’d left everything she knew behind: her friends, her home, and even her language. English did not come easy to her, nor did making friends. Everyone called her sweet, but quiet.

After making a friend who shared her love for stories, they began writing together, passing notebooks back and forth during lunch and after school. Eleven notebooks, and two years later, C.K. was struck with the desire to do more with her growing knowledge of the English language. She began writing her own stories in earnest, with a dream to become a published author.

In 2018, her debut novel, The Phoenix Host was released, and she hasn’t looked back.