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The Phoenix Host

Book One of the Roanfire Saga

The dream began like any other. But it’s changing. Every night it grows, sinking deeper, burning into bone and mind.

I can’t hide the nosebleeds anymore.

Keatep Brendagger, a young woman raised by a legendary swordsman, wants nothing more than to be recognized for her skill. Her hard work and training are validated when she is given the opportunity to escort a noblewoman to the capitol for the prince’s coronation; a mission that should have been simple for a soldier of her caliber.

But the nightmare is getting worse.

Desperate to find answers, Keatep uncovers a tainted history of her beloved kingdom, changing everything she thought she knew, everything she thought she was. If she doesn’t fight back, it will do more than leave her beloved kingdom in ashes.

It will steal her soul.

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This is the first book in the Roanfire Saga. Best read in order.

The Leviathan Prince

Book Two of the Roanfire Saga

The rumors are out of control. The power I unleashed to destroy the Leviathan Army wasn’t even mine, but everyone in Roanfire – even the neighboring kingdoms – believes it was.

And now they think I can be used as currency.

Young Keatep Brndagger’s dream of remaining a soldier of Roanfire shatters when she becomes a prize sought after by many–including the prince of a neighboring kingdom with the resources to save her starving, war-torn country.

But the power everyone believes she holds is actually an ancient evil, something she failed to destroy when she had the chance. And now it schemes inside the man she can’t live without: Ikane Ormand, The Leviathan Prince.

Forced to choose between her kingdom and Ikane, Kea is caught between her sense of duty and the pull of her heart. She knows something no one else does: If she can’t find a way to free the man she loves from this wicked curse, everything in her beloved kingdom will burn to ashes.

Paperback and E-book available on Amazon.com

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The Glacial Rogue

Book Three of the Roanfire Saga

What was I thinking? After what I’d done in Glacier Pass, why did I allow the magic to tempt me now?

Because he was within reach…

…and because I’d promised.

Keatep Brendagger never imagined she’d turn to magic, or that she could even wield it.

Not that it did any good. The demon bats still took Ikane.

Yet, the dangerous magic continues to lure Kea toward its undeniable power. A power she feels could save Ikane.

Despite the rogue assassin, Broderick, warning her of its ensnaring nature, Kea embarks on the risky course of liberating the man she loves. But the power becomes too much for her to handle.

When a curious man comes to her rescue, and contradicts everything Broderick taught her about the power she holds, who should she believe?

As Kea’s power grows stronger, so does her fear of losing Ikane forever. If she chooses the wrong path, her magic could ultimately destroy everything—and everyone—she has ever loved.

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