I wish I had more to tell. Life has been hitting me at full speed since finishing the final book of the Roanfire Saga. I’m still writing, but at a much slower pace as I am trying to catch up on all the things I neglected while finishing the project. My kids, the house, the garden, my health and fitness. It’s been a bit messy trying to figure out where to begin. I appreciate your patinece as I try to figure out my new role.

Some new projects to look forward to:

(Title Undecided) – A story about Teilo, Ikane’s younger brother, the High Prince of the Leviathan Pirates, and a Selkie.

FREERUNNER – A Scifi book I have been wanting to write for years. Parkour, gene manipulation, and plants.

THE KEY – A children’s book about a boy who learns the true meaning of happiness. Let’s just say a magic door, keys, and a wizard are included. Working in conjunction with the talented Rachel Byers for the illustrations.

(Title Undecided) – A middle grade series about an autistic boy with a skin condition who is trying to save the dragon race.


Books by C.K. Miller

The Phoenix Host

Book One of the Roanfire Saga

“Are you ever going to tell me what you dream about?” Ikane asked me. “I’m worried about you, Kea. Dreams don’t cause nosebleeds.”

    Keatep Brendagger’s guardian was once the greatest warrior in all of Roanfire, but dark memories have left him a pale shadow of the man he once was. Trying to uphold her mentor’s honor, Kea struggles to make a life for herself as a soldier in the king’s army.  

    Then the nightmares began.

    Every night the same dream: a city in flames, bloodthirsty pirates rampaging through its streets, and above it all, the specter of a glowing ruby heirloom taunting her with the promise of power to save everyone, but only at a price.

   As new threats to the kingdom arise, Kea’s dream takes on a dangerous edge, rendering her physical training useless. Waking bloody-nosed and trembling, Kea soon learns that a bad dream is more than she thought.

     The ruby is real, alive, and hiding a deadly secret. It hungers for more than just her soul; it craves Roanfire.  

    In this captivating young adult fantasy novel, Kea must embrace her destiny, overcome her doubt, and uncover the truth about her strange dream before it’s too late.

    With danger at every turn and an ancient evil threatening to destroy everything she loves, will Kea be able to save Roanfire, or will its power turn her into the very thing she’s fighting to stop? A new thrilling adventure is waiting for you inside Book 1 of the Roanfire Saga.


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This is the first book in the Roanfire Saga. Best read in order.

The Leviathan Prince

Book Two of the Roanfire Saga


Ikane?” I pressed my hands over his bandaged ones, wishing I could take the fire away. This was my fault. He suffered because of me.

In the second book of the Roanfire Saga by C.K. Miller, heroine Keatep Brendagger struggles with undeserved fame and praise as she tries to save her beloved Ikane from an ancient evil festering inside him before he’s consumed forever.


     Becoming the hero of Roanfire has brought young Keatep Brendagger as many problems as it has solved. Her newfound fame has made her a prize for many, including a neighboring kingdom that could save her war-torn country.

   The problem is, she didn’t do it.

   The power that saved her people belonged to an ancient evil that has taken hold of the man she never thought she’d fall for: Ikane Ormand, a Leviathan Pirate Prince.

   When the darkness inside of him drives him to a mad attempt on her life, she knows she’s running out of time before he’s consumed forever.

   Defying orders and risking everything to reclaim Ikane’s freedom, her quest leads her to answers best left hidden, and a darkness about herself that could destroy everything she’s fought for.

   Tortured by guilt, and torn between love and duty, Kea risks everything to save her world.

   But even that might not be enough.


“And it just gets better!” – Steph
“This is nothing short of greatness! What an amazing sequel that really pulls at your heart strings.” – Jennifer
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The Glacial Rogue

Book Three of the Roanfire Saga


“Kea.” Broderick’s tone was reprimanding and firm.

“You can’t ignore it. It will happen again.”


    The third book in C.K. Miller’s Epic Young Adult Roanfire Saga takes us on a journey that blurs the boundaries of right and wrong. With visions of the man she loves suffering at the hands of a dark master, demon bats roaming the night, and strange deaths accumulating throughout the kingdom, Kea’s choices are no longer black and white. Evil is closing in, and she may be leading it by the hand.


   In a desperate attempt to save Ikane, Keatep Brendagger allowed magic to consume her. Now it has cost her everything.

   Harrowed by grief and guilt, Kea struggles to accept the gentle tutelage of the rogue assassin, Broderick Ironshade, as he shows her how to keep the dangerous power subdued.

   But his guidance is thrown into question when a mysterious man appears with the ability to control the power she cannot. The stranger promises her that the power she possesses can do more than save the man she loves. With the right training, it can make her unstoppable.

   With her trust in Broderick shaken and blurring lines of right and wrong, Kea must decide who to believe. Her choices will determine who she becomes, and the fate of everything she has vowed to protect. In the end, the price of her awakening could be the kingdom’s undoing.

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Roanfire Reborn

Book four of the Roanfire Saga


“I give you one last chance to become the honored host of my reborn self,” Rion continued. “Rise with me, through me, become me.”

   In this enthralling final installment of the epic Roanfire Saga, love will be tested, loyalties will be strained, as Kea confronts the darkness within her as she fights to protect all she holds dear.


   Keatep Brendagger’s powers have both saved and scarred those she loves. But this time it has gone too far.

   Her ill-fated attempt to shatter the cursed ruby and protect the queen’s unborn child has left her best friend and brother-in-arms in a strange death-like slumber. The telltale white streak in his hair stands as a grim reminder of how close she came to taking his life.

   Now, she mourns with the rest of the kingdom as word of the king’s demise and the abduction of the expecting queen spread across the realm.

   When news of the Tolean ambassador’s impending visit reaches the unprepared court, the kingdom flies into panic over an heirless throne, and they turn to Kea for answers.

   But Kea knows there is more at stake. The unborn child is everything. Not only for Roanfire’s future, but the chosen key to the ruby’s nefarious plan to be reborn an immortal goddess of fire. Stopping this rebirth will require a sacrifice larger than Kea can bear; her friends.

   How can she save her home without becoming worse than the evil she seeks to destroy?


Immerse yourself in this spellbinding blend of political intrigue, romance, and ancient magic as the epic tale reaches its breathtaking climax. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page is turned.
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